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About India H2O

India-H2O will develop, design and demonstrate high-recovery, low-cost water treatment systems for saline groundwater and for domestic and industrial wastewaters.  The focus for developments will be in the arid state of Gujarat, where surface water resources are very scarce. 



India H2O will:

  • Develop novel batch-reverse osmosis technology for a reduction in specific energy consumption with high fractions of water recovery. 

  • Develop forward osmosis and piloted this for use in wastewater recovery applications including hybrid arrangements with reverse osmosis for further reduction in energy consumption. 

  • Demonstrated these solutions in small-scale rurally relevant low-cost systems for brackish groundwater treatment for use as safe drinking water

  • Extended this system to include phyto-technology solutions for rural domestic wastewater treatment.  These systems will remove salinity and emerging pollutants, valorise rejected brines in halophytic crop cultivation. 

  • For specific industrial wastewater in textile, desalination and dairy, we will develop and demonstrate cost-effective high-efficiency hybrid technologies for water recycling with minimum liquid discharge, using advanced membrane technologies to achieve the required water quality for recycling. 




Why is our research important?



What is Batch Reverse Osmosis?

How does India H2O combine wastewater treatment technologies to recover high-value reagents?



What halophytic crops is India H2O cultivating?

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