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Background Publications

A solar-powered reverse osmosis system for high recovery of freshwater from saline groundwater

Philip A. Davies

Longitudinal dispersion in spiral wound RO modules and its effect on the performance of batch mode RO operations

T.Y. Qui & Philip A. Davies

The Energy-Water Nexus: Spatially-Resolved Analysis of the Potential for Desalinating Brackish Groundwater by Use of Solar Energy

Jill B. Kjellsson, and Michael E. Webber

Biomimetic aquaporin membranes coming of age

Chuyang Tang, Zhining Wang, Irena Petrinić, Anthony G. Fane, Claus Hélix-Nielsen 

Energy-efficient desalination by forward osmosis using responsive ionic liquid draw solutes

Yufeng CaiWenming ShenJing WeiTzyy Haur ChongRong Wang, William B. Krantz, Anthony G. Fane & Xiao Hu  

Application of forward osmosis in reusing the brackish concentrate produced in reverse osmosis plants with secondary treated wastewater as feed solution: a case study

W. D. Wang, M. Esparra, H. Liu and Y. F. Xie

Floating Raft Wastewater Treatment System: A Review

Praveen Solanki, Maitreyie Narayan, Shiv Singh Meena
& R.K. Srivastava

Biomass production through grey water fertigation in eucalyptus hybrid and its economic significance

Anil Kumar Shankhwar  R.K. Srivastava

The development of halophyte-based agriculture: past and present

Yvonne VenturaAmram Eshel, Dov Pasternak &Moshe Sagi

Constructed wetland with Salicornia as a biofilter for mariculture effluents

M.Shpigel, D.Ben-Ezra, L.Shauli, M.Sagi, Y.Ventura,T.Samocha &J.J.Leed


NEERI PATENT: WO2004087584

Halophyte crop cultivation: The case for Salicornia and Sarcocornia

Y. Ventura & M. Sagi

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