Innovation is a built-in feature of INDIA-H2O. The consortium vision is to generate results which will establish platforms and relationships for further development of innovative new products and services in water treatment, management and governance. The technologies developed will have broad application and potential for exploitation in water supply and recycling in small-medium sized water-vulnerable communities and large industrial operations.


Collaborations to explore adoption and uptake of these technologies are welcome via the contact page. 

Specific new products which could be developed from the outputs of INDIA-H2O include;

We are engineering a complete module to purify water - driven by low grade or renewable energy with ultra-high efficiency.

Solar powered water purification systems, which could be indispensable in both rural and deprived communities.

Design and engineering of integrated water re-cycling schemes based on FO, BRO or FO/BRO technologies.

New control systems for real-time management of membrane and phyto-treatment systems for low maintenance and running costs.

New FO based energy enhancing desalination techniques, overcoming the current energy requirement constraints of industrial scale desalination and wastewater recycling.

Data to develop models and software of FO performance, filling a gap in current knowledge of this exciting new technology.

New efficient process technologies to enable industrial water reuse, not currently available at reasonable economic cost.

New commercial Salicornia cultivation - providing a high-value exportable crop as a by-product of groundwater desalination.

These potential new products and services have very large markets across the world, which can be expected to increase with global population growth and climate change impacts.