Key Outputs

Feb-2019 to July-2020

1.      Optimised Batch-Reverse Osmosis system design specification with                         biomimetic membranes with specific energy consumption (SEC)<0.5                         kWh/m3.

2.      Technology roadmap for textile and dairy wastewater and brackish water                 desalination.

3.      Phyto-treatment system design specifications and monitoring requirements.

4.      Geo-hydrological ecological status of microwatersheds in the Lodhva area of           Gujarat.

Forthcoming​ 2021-2023

1.      Pilot demonstration of integrated batch reverse osmosis (BRO),                                 phytotreatment and forward osmosis (FO) technology for brackish water                   desalination and wastewater recycling.

2.     Field installation and demonstration of solar powered technology at Lodhva            village, Gujarat delivering 8m3/d of clean water, valuable plants and crops                with no adverse environmental impacts.

3.     Pilot FO/BRO and Nanofiltration demonstration of >50% water recovery for            industrial wastewater recycling.

4.     Forward Osmosis Membrane manufacturing technology established in India.

5.     Salicornia and Sarcocornia grown as a valuable crop in Gujarat using high                salinity wastewater rejected from the desalination process.

6.     Policy briefs with recommendation on groundwater management and                      purification technology adoption.

7.     Supply chain and business case analysis related to the adoption of drinking              water purification in regions with highly saline groundwater.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820906.  This project has been co-funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India.

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