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Pilot site visit

Our Indian coordinator Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, and our Partner IHE Delft on a field visit to our Lodhwa site, engaging with the school children, school staff and a few households.

Gujarat Farmers forced to innovate to save water

In India’s Gujarat state much of the year’s rain comes in monsoon season - and then rapidly evaporates. Some farmers have begun gathering leftover straw after harvest and piling it in low-lying spots in their fields to absorb and hold excess rain, allowing it to slowly filter into the groundwater. The innovation - which also helps cut down on burning of field stubble, a major source of air pollution in the region - has won World Bank funding for its expansion


The first India-H2O Newsletter includes some interesting aspect of the project and further evidence of climate change impact on groundwater depletion highlighting the need for new solutions. We also welcome the new recruites to the research project.

Do you know the name of Salicornia, the vegetable which grows in salty water, is different languages? Find out here.


2nd Consortium Meeting

Our second consortium meeting was held in Delft, Netherlands in September 2019.  For more information click here

Getting to know our Partners

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

PSA is formally considered by the European Commission as a European Large Scientific Installation and it is also the largest and most complete R+D centre in the World devoted to solar thermal concentrating systems.

PSA’s location has been used for many movies and TV series, from Spaghetti Western Movies, Sergio Leone’s Trilogy to more recently Game of Thrones (Season 6).

John Lennon also wrote the song “Strawberry Fields Forever while filming “How I won the war” in the nearby Tabernas desert.

PSA aerial.jpg

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University   

Introducing our India Coordinator, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, located in the Capital City of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, which is considered to be the greenest capital city in Asia with around 50% of its total area covered with greenery.

University of Birmingham.  

First up is our EU co-ordinator the University of Birmingham. Did you know that Birmingham has an intricate canal system that dates back to the Industrial Revolution in which they were used to transport coal, iron and other heavy goods. This played a huge role in Birmingham’s development as a city and the 35 mile canal system within Birmingham itself dwarfs the 26 miles of canal that Venice has to offer.

Sarcocornia Harvest

Our Partner, Ben-Gurion University, have been busy with their experiment of Sarcocornia growth.  Here are some pictures of their harvest.

Sarcocornia Update 15.05.19 1.jpg


One of our Partners, Ben-Gurion University, have been busy setting up their experiment of Sarcocornia growth under nine different fertiliser types and application rates.  Here are some pictures of their work so far.

Sarcornia tunnel replication
Sarcornia tunnel 2
Sarcornia tunnel 1
Sarcornia tunnel 3

World Water Day 2019

See what our EU Co-Ordinator, Philip Davies at the University of Birmingham has to say about World Water Day, and his thoughts on the INDIA-H2O Project helping with the challenge of providing clean water.

Kick Off Meeting February 2019

The INDIA-H2O Kick Off Meeting was hosted by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

This gave all the partners the opportunity to meet each other, and discuss our aims in detail.  Our week long meeting allowed us the chance to visit multiple sites over the state of Gujarat, including some of the sites of our Indian Partners, Arvind, GCCI and Madhur Dairy.